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At AHWPL, we have the required infrastructure to supply forged and machined products to customer requirements. Established in the year 2000, we have a plot area of 1200 sq. yards for drop forging unit, with an installed capacity of 2400 MT per annum. We have the required capacity to expand as per customer requirements. We have a separate machining unit where the forged products are machined.


We have the following machinery:
1. Bandsaw Machines.- 2 No.
2. Shearing Machines- 2"
3. Sheaing Machine - 3".
4. Gas fired furnace- 2 No.
4. Drop Hammer- 0.75 MT (1 No.)
5. Drop Hammer- 1 MT (2 No.)
6. Trimming Presses (7 No.)
7. Electric Billet Heater. 1 No.
8. Bench Grinders.
9. Shot Blasting Machine.

Tool Room

We have the following machinery:
1. Lathe (2 No.)
2. Milling Machines.
3. Flexible Grinders.
4. Bench Grinder
5. Vernier Calliper.

Heat Treatment

We undersatand the customer needs and treatment being the heart of any forging product and due to environmental concerns, this heat treatment operation is outsourced to a specialised agency:
1. Quencing .
2. Normalising.
3. Hardening & Tempering.
4. ISO-Annealing


We have the following machinery:
1. Lathe.
2. CNC Turning Center.
3. Milling.

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